JLJ Donates Half a Million Dollars to Children’s of Mississippi Hospital

Half a million dollars was donated today to the Children’s of Mississippi Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

The $500,000 donation will be used to help renovate and expand the facility. The Junior League of Jackson has been a long-time partner of Children’s Hospital and made the donation this afternoon. The project will more than double the number of exam rooms at the facility, double the size of infusion rooms as well as make it more private for patients. The size of the waiting room will increase and will be more interactive. It will include a digital aquarium and games. Doctors say this gift helps in serving children and families in Mississippi.

“The Junior League of Jackson has been a long-standing supporter of our Children’s Hospital,” said UMMC Pediatrics Chair Mary Taylor. “They have come and worked with children, read to children, played with children, participated in activities over the holidays. They’re just part of our family at Children’s of Mississippi.”

Junior League of Jackson President Katie Browning said, “in its original form, it was the Children’s Cancer Clinic, now the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. We are so excited to be working with UMMC on this project. We have been in partnership with them for over 30 years. This was actually our signature project.”

The Junior League of Jackson has been a partner with the Children’s Hospital at UMMC for over 30 years and has helped raise more than two million dollars.

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