Social Development Projects

The Social Development impact area utilizes strategies to improve children and youth’s problem-solving and coping skills while building self-esteem. Projects provide access to information supporting positive life choices and help promote team building and socialization. Projects in the Social Development impact area include the following:

Making Connections, Rewarding Success
(Canopy Children’s Solutions)

Volunteers operate a merit-based store for CARES school students, prepare welcome baskets, and invite guest speakers to help the students develop critical life skills.

McClean Fletcher Center Facilitator and Outreach/Food Projects
(The McClean Fletcher Center)

Volunteers work with McClean Fletcher Center professionals to provide grief support, meals, and a sense of community to children who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives.

Sensory Fun and Learning
(The Little Light House)

Volunteers provide sensory activities for young children with special needs, incorporating various learning experiences through sensory-based play.

The Parrish House Renovation
(Mississippi School for the Deaf and Blind)

Volunteers will assist in renovating the Parrish House, the facility used to help junior and senior students on campus live independently.